//The tour was sponsored by Darkrome.com

So, when we were in Rome we had two tours. This was definetly my favorite! On Darkrome.com you can book many different tours, but we had the Ghost & Legends of Rome Night Walking tour, and it was just simply amazing! I’ve always liked these sorts of things, morbid stories and ghost tales. We  got to see Rome from a very different perspective than from a «normal» tour during the day. Rome is also gorgeous at night, and I’ve probarbly never said «no thanks» to some late night city photographing! _MG_7222

Our tour guide was really good and the stories sometimes made me shiver a little bit! It was just awesome. The tour itself lasted for about 1,5 hours. Perfect time if you ask me! In a city as ancient as Rome every stone has a story to tell, every building has a history. And in a city that survived the Middle Ages and the Inquisition, those stories can be dark and sinister, a world away from the tales told by other tour guides on other tours.

_MG_7206 Even though the tour was sponsored I can tell you right now that it was my personal favourite the week we spent in Rome. If you are like me and like the darker stories of a city or just fun andektodes I would recommend this tour! They also has guides in the Catacombs and the Vatican (Have to take that the next time i visit Rome!) and in other Italian cities, like Venice, Florence and Milan!

Thank you so much for having us and giving us this wonderful experience Dark Rome!