Okay, so I have to admit something: Being swetty, tired and all that whilst segwaying around crowded Rome was not appealing to me at the time we were putting our helmets on. Even though I have been on a segway before (and loved it!) I was not really looking forward to riding one in the busy city with angry drivers and slow-walking tourist.
After a really good introduction on how to properly use the segway we started. It was way easier than I imagined and Matt, our guide was really careful and explained througoutly where we should be careful and where to look. And the breeze we got – oh my god. No aircondition in the world can top that.
We booked the 4:30 appointement and we really got to see Rome at it’s finest! The sunset and the golden hour over the city and the ruins.. It’s the most beautiful scenery I have ever witnessed. Seriously!
So even though I was extremely sceptical at first I must say that I reccomend this to everyone who is traveling to Rome (they also have this in Florence and Milan) it’s a great way to experience the city. We saw things we never would have seen if it wasn’t for this tour. Riding a segway goes much faster than the sightseeing buses or walking, so in the three hours the tour lasted we learned so much about Rome. Matt and Barbara were so great and I am so glad we did this! Even though this was sponsored, I really do reccomend it! I would actually like to do it again.
Thank you so much for a great afternoon! A wonderful experience, plus I am now a segway-expert. If you want to book a tour or read more then you can visit their homepage HERE.